Saturday, December 15, 2007

GAY STORIES: A Summer's Shave

GAY STORIES: A Summer's Shave
It was my first year in college. Thank god Doug was going to the same college and my roommate. We were both on the swimteam in high school. One way we got to know each other is that both of us had some body hair and we use to shave each others bodies. (I'm now a fanatic about neat clean crotches. I like the looks of a clean shaved crotch or crotch hair that is trimmed close and neat. I think that it makes the cock stand out, especially average to below average sized cocks. It seems to make them larger).
After the first week in school we decided to try out for the swimteam. Doug had me shave him but I decided to stay hairy for awhile to see what the team did (being in a new school). On Monday of the second week, we went to tryouts. Being in the lockerroom was so exciting again. Seeing all the hot studs nude and in very brief suits. I noticed that the upperclassmen were hairless (crotches and all, so I thought that was the trend. We went out to the pool and the coach was talking to the upperclassmen. They went over to the benches and sat to watch the tryouts of the freshmen. There were 6 spots open on the team. After the workouts the coach picked. Doug and I were both picked along with 4 others. We were to report for regular practice the next afternoon. The next day we reported to practice. Same old thing, changing in the lockerroom with 20 handsome studs walking around nude and in skimpy swimsuits. Some of the upperclassmen were wearing thongs which I haven't seen students wear in school before. At the pool while waiting for my turn to jump in I was scratching and groping my crotch. The hair on my crotch was making me itch. Finally practice was over and the coach came up to me and told me to wait in his office. I had no idea what was up. I sat there for about a half hour before he came in.
He sat at his desk looking at some papers. He looks up at me and asked. Is there something wrong? No! I replied. Why? I asked. You were out there scratching and groping your crotch! he stated. Do you have a rash or crabs or something? he asked. No! I don't think so. I told him. Have you been checked for anything lately? he asked. No I haven't! I replied. OK! Strip and lay on the table under the light! he ordered. I did as I was told. He came over and started checking through my crotch hair. Spreading my legs, checking under my balls. Next he orders me to kneel on the table while he spreads my ass cheeks apart to search in around my ass. All the time I'm getting a hardon.
OK! he ordered,Turn over now! You have no rash or anything, that I can see, he stated. I looked at him and stated that I thought the hair was making me itch. No problem! he said. Lay back down! he ordered. We'll take care of that! He walked to a small room in the back of his office. He came out with shaving cream and razors. He applied cream to the little hair on my chest and shaved it off. He did the same ot my legs and arms. He next applied cream to my crotch and ball. I was fully erect at this point. He started to shave my balls. Once they were done he went for my crotch moving my dick back and forth as he shaved. On your knees! he ordered. Appling cream to my ass. While shaving my ass, I felt his finger rubbing around my ass hole. Once I was clean I felt his finger in my hole. He started to finger fuck me. God I was horny. I backed up to meet his thrust to make his finger go deeper. My 8" cut cock was throbbing. He reached between my legs and grabbed my large low hanging balls, squeezing them gently. He stops suddenly and orders me to lay on my back. Play with your cock! he orders. I start pumping my cock slowly while he watches. He then goes over to his desk and sits. I get engrossed in what I'm doing. I continued beating my meat while I'm pinching and twisting my quarter sized dark colored erect nipples. I had forgotten about the coach until he barked an order. Come over here to me! I got up off the table and looked over to the coach who is sitting there nake, stroking a 10" fat vainy cock. His legs are spread revealing very large bull sized balls resting on the seat of his chair.
He has a broad muscular chest with large protruding nipples, washboard abs, small waist, big powerful arms and legs. I slowly walk over to him and stop about a foot from him. He stares into my eyes. Soon I'm on my knees engulfing his massive cock in my mouth. I run my tongue over the plump head. I swallowed his cock down my troat to his crotch, which is shaved clean. He leans back into his chair while I sucked on his cock. He then reaches over and lifts me to my feet, pushes me back onto the table, lefts my legs onto his shoulders and penetrates my ass with his monster cock. He picks up a fast pace with his balls slapping my ass each time he thrust deep into me, pulling his cock out until just the head is left, then driving it deep inside me many times. We are both moaning, metting his thrust. Soon he jabs it deep and holds it there. I feel his pulsating cock erept inside me. He collapses on top of me. Slowly his cock falls out of my ass, with a wet plop. He starts to lick my erect nipples working his tongue down my abs to my cock, which he buries in his throat. I soon explode in his throat. He pulls off my cock litting my cum fly all over my chest. Once done he orders me to the showers. When I got back to my room, Doug wanted to know what the coach wanted. I stripped and showed him what the coach wanted. Doug got so horny, that he jumped out of his clothes and attacked me. We had hot sex several times that night.
For the next few day and weeks of practice, which was a little hard for me. I was running around with a hard on much of the time whenever I looked at the couch, who is walking around in a brief swimsuit, showing his huge basket. I also noticed that all the freshmen had hardons much of the time also. It had been 3 weeks of practice and a Friday before a swim met at another school. While at practice the coach had two other teammates go with him to his office and they came back with several boxes. The coach orders us out of the water. He wanted us to pair off by twos. He stated that it was time to get ready for tomorrows met. That meant that we were to be shaven clean. He ordered us to strip and come over to get shaving cream and razors. I got with my partner, Roberto, who was Italian with black hair, olive skin, nice chest with beautiful suckable nipples, slim 9" uncut cock, large balls and firm mellon ass. You could see the signs of black stubbles around his cock. We all got shaved, along with other activities. Our first orgy at the pool. The first of many, with many other activities that went on throughout the season, which is another story.

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