Saturday, December 15, 2007

GAY STORIES: My Brother Meats My Butt

GAY STORIES: My Brother Meats My Butt
My brother and I were laying on my bed, recovering from the blow job I had just given him. It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. We had been talking when he asked me for help with his hard-on. For my big brother, Jimmy, I was willing to do anything. As we were laying there catching our breath, Jimmy told me there was another way I could help him empty his overloaded balls. "What way is that, Jimmy?" I asked. "Can't you get the hint?" he said, grinding his crotch into my butt. "Are you thinking about putting that inside me?" I asked. "It will never fit!" "Sure it will, little bro," Jimmy said. "It just takes a little time and getting used to."
"I don't know," I said. "You're kind of big." "I know you can take it," Jimmy said. "I've seen guys with bigger cocks than mine fuck ass." "Bigger than you? I can't imagine one bigger than yours." "Sure, there are guys with lots bigger ones than me." "How big is yours?" I asked. "You've got a ruler on your desk. Measure it for yourself." I jumped up and grabbed the ruler. His cock measured 8 ½ inches along the top. I was just at 2 inches wide. "Don't worry," Jimmy said. "I make lots of precum and I'll take it real slow. If it starts to hurt, tell me and I'll stop." Jimmy had me lie on my stomach and he started to massage my shoulders and back and butt cheeks to get me to relax. As he leaned forward to rub my shoulders, he leaned over and bit my neck and ear. When he did that, I could feel his cock rub against my ass. After a few minutes, he concentrated on my butt. His hands were big and could almost hold one cheek in each hand. His hands were warm my ass started to relax.
At that minute, my brother stuck his tongue inside my crack and I went wild. I pushed my ass back into his face. He worked his tongue around the hole and it felt awesome. Pretty soon, he was pushing his tongue up into my ass, getting it to loosen up and getting it wet at the same time. When he thought I was ready, he stuck his finger in my mouth and told me to suck it. Then he said relax and started to put it inside me. I clenched. He kept rubbing me with his other hand and licking and whispering into my ear. "I know you can do this," he said. "After you relax, it will start to feel good. Let's try another finger." Pretty soon, he had me ready. He started by rubbing the head of his wide cock against my opening and rubbing it all around. His cock did leak a lot of juice and mixed with his spit, it was pretty slick down there. He pushed and the head went in. I screamed, begging him to take it out. He stopped pushing but wouldn't take it out. "Push it out yourself," he said. As I tried to do this, he actually slid more in. He must have known that would have opened me a little more.
He stopped and waited while I got used to it. "I know you can take it, little bro," Jimmy said. "Just relax. I'll keep it right where it's at." I bit my lip and Jimmy bit my ear. I squirmed a little and that caused more of his inches to slide in. I moaned. He pulled back a little and that felt much better. The thought that he was taking it out made me happy, so I breathed out and that's when he pushed down and slid the whole thing in. The burning was unbelievable. "Remember to push out," he breathed into my ear. "You're so tight." Jimmy slowly started to pump in and out. It was all I could do to not scream and pass out. Jimmy just kept pumping in and out, now a little faster. I finally understood about what he meant about pushing out and caught on that I should push out while he was pushing in.
When I started doing that, we got into a rhythm. I was so busy trying to remember to push out, that I didn't notice the pain had lessened. "See," Jimmy said. "I knew you could take it." Jimmy started breathing fast, and sort of started grunting. His pumping was faster, too. All of a sudden, he pushed his big meat all the way into me and froze. I could feel it get bigger and harder and I felt it pulse as he shot into my ass. It seemed like he just held his breath while he came. And he came. There was more cum than the load he pumped into my mouth. Jimmy laid down on me and kissed my neck. "Awesome," was all he said. After a few minutes his breathing became more regular. Jimmy kept biting on my neck and ear. It was making me feel great. My cock was hard under me and I could feel some of my own precum leaking out. Jimmy started to pull his cock out. But I was surprised. He started fucking me again. "I can't stop, little bro," Jimmy said. "Your ass is made for my dick.
The whole process started all over again. The only difference this time was that my ass was very slippery from all his precum and from the big load of cum he just put in there. Plus, this time it actually felt good to me. He must have been hitting some spot inside me that was made for pleasure. All I know is that I felt no pain, only pleasure. Jimmy started to really fuck me hard. You never would have known he was working off his third load of cum, not the first. Just like the last time, he really started to slam into me. Again I could feel his cock get bigger and harder. The shallow breathing and grunting was a warning this time. Only this time, when he pushed all the way in, he hit that spot in me.
When Jimmy held his cock in me against that spot and started to shoot his cum into me, I started to cum, too. It was the most awesome feeling I'd ever experienced. About a million times better than how I feel when I jack myself off. I never knew that you could cum without touching yourself. By this time, Jimmy and I were both sweating like crazy. He pulled out of my ass and it felt kinda empty. I watched him walk out the door and into the bathroom. He took a leak and ran some water. He splashed some water on his face and came out with a cloth. "Turn over," he said. I rolled over and Jimmy took the cloth and wiped my face, my chest and stomach. He picked up my cock wiped the cum off of it and off my legs. "That looks like a pretty good size load, little bro," he said. I felt loved by my brothers tenderness and I felt proud at the way he commented on my cum load. Jimmy stood up and took the cloth back to the bathroom. I watched as he walked back into the room. His cock was still as hard as it had been when we started. He walked up to the bed and did something very unexpected. I thought he was going to tell me that he had to get ready for work, but instead, he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth! Wow. He didn't really blow me or anything, he just sort of licked and sucked on it. I got hard again, too. Jimmy took his mouth off my cock and started to lick my balls. I was getting turned on again. Jimmy lifted my legs and started to tongue out my hole. "Plenty of juice still in there," he said.
I guessed and hoped at what was going to happen next. Jimmy kept me on my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed, holding my legs up and putting them on his shoulders. I could feel the hair on his chest rub against my legs while he held them up. He took a step forward and lined up his cock with my hole. He pulled me onto him. With one push, Jimmy slid his whole cock into me. He leaned over and started to fuck my ass for the fourth time. With two loads of cum up my ass, Jimmy's cock went in and out easily. That and maybe the fact I was starting to like it.
Jimmy didn't hold back or do any kissing or biting this time. He just fucked. I was so turned on being able to look up and watch him pound into me. My big stud brother was fucking my ass and I was loving it. I was hard and I started to jack myself, but it was hard cause Jimmy was humping so hard I was holding on to keep from bouncing off the bed. "This is it baby," Jimmy said. "You're gonna get my fourth nut." And he went for broke. He fucked my ass like a piston. Then just like before, he held it in, held his breath and came. There was so much, I could feel it coming out around his cock. He held my ass tight against his hips, keeping every inch inside me while he kept coming. Jimmy stayed in me and leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my legs around his waist to keep him inside me. He sort of laid down on me while he was still inside. I could feel his cock flexing and I guessed some cum was still shooting out of him. Jimmy kissed me again and turned to put his head on my shoulder. Just then I heard him say "Oh shit." "What's wrong ?" I asked. I turned my head and there was our dad standing in the doorway.

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