Saturday, December 15, 2007

GAY STORIES: High School Showers

GAY STORIES: High School Showers
When I was 14 in grade 9 at high school I was still pretty small in height and weight - still a boy in lots of ways, except that my cock and balls were man sized. They had grown big all of a sudden, and on my small frame looked huge, even when soft. It was made even more obvious by my lack of any hair. I had no hair at all on my balls, not around my cock, not on my legs, not under my arms. But the thing that got the most attention from the other boys was my foreskin.
I remember in grade 8 hearing all about the showers at high school, and I dreaded the day I would have to get undressed in front of anyone else and take a shower. All my life I had only used a bath tub at home - all through my early teens I really liked soaking in the tub, getting a hard on and jerking off, watching the smokey, white jism float around on the water and cling to my legs and belly. I remember my mom caught me jerking off once - I was about 15 and had a big boner. She just stared at it, and I tried to tell her I was just cleaning under the skin. She told me if she ever caught me again she would tell my doctor and he would cut the skin off. Funny, but the thought rather excited me - nobody ever talked about the facts of life, or about what was happening to me and my body, or why - all I remember my dad ever doing was giving me a bath when I was about 11, and telling me to pull back the skin and "swish" my dick around in the water to clean it. The thought of having the doctor take a look wasn't a bad feeling!
But the day arrived when I finally went to high school, and I was dreading it. In the first gym class we were all told to bring towels and soap for the showers that we would have to take. I stalled it as long as I could, but soon I was the only one without soap and towels, and the teacher told me that next class I would shower - either I would have a towel to dry off or I wouldn't, but that I would have to strip down and go in the shower.
I awoke the morning of that gym class petrified - I had a big boner, and jerked off as soon as I awoke. I jerked off again before I left for school, and again in the cubicle in the toilet at gym class, hoping that it would stay soft long enough to get through the shower. It didn't. All of the other boys had some hair around their cocks, and all of them were cut. Some of the cocks were tiny, some were long and thin, some were fat and short. A few were like mine, long and fairly thick, but mine was the only one that had a foreskin, and mine was the only one that was hairless. It got as hard as a rock and I couldn't help it. It didn't take long for everyone to notice - my hairless balls, my hairless dick was like a flagpole. I tried to hide it, but before the shower was over, a couple of the guys grabbed me, tossed me on the ground, held my arms and legs down, and proceeded to play with my soft, baby-smooth balls.
I was in agony and in heaven at the same time. Then one of them gently tweaked the end of my foreskin, and pulled it slowly back over my cockhead. None of them had ever seen a foreskin before, and they were all fascinated by it. It was the most incredible feeling I ever had, and it just took pulling the skin back that once for me to shoot my load all over my stomach an d face, and over half of the group standing nearby. My cock stayed hard, and they all hooted and howled. I realized that most of them were hard by this time, and a couple were even jerking off. The teacher came in and helped me up, and gave them all shit.
But try as I might, every gym class after that I was hard again, and in almost every class someone would push me to the ground and pull back my skin to see me shoot. I really hated it, because they all made fun of me and I couldn't stop them. Anyway, one day after a cross country meet, one of the older boys named Peter from another class was in the shower at the same time. He was bigger than me, and didn't have hardly any hair anywhere except a little above his cock and under his arms. His dick was real big, and uncut too. When they started in on me, he stopped them right away.
He got in a fight with a couple of them, naked in the shower, but it was no match as Peter was on the football team. They all left me alone after that, but still taunted me about being hairless and hard when Peter wasn't around. Meanwhile, Peter was real kind to me. When he pulled them off me the first time, I was so glad it was over that I started crying. That made me feel even worse, but he took me in his arms and held me real close, right in the shower.
I was hard as a rock, but his muscles felt so tight and smooth, and he smelled so good, I couldn't control it and I shot a load all over him. I got real embarrassed, but he just laughed and helped me wash off. He was the first one ever to tell me that it was normal to get boners! He asked me to meet him after school, and we went to his house. He was only 16, but he seemed like he knew everything and was such a man compared to me. We spent hours talking, and I felt like I could tell him anything, and he listened without making me feel bad or thinking I was stupid or a suck. I told him all about my problems with my boner and especially my lack of hair. He laughed at that, and said he had been the same way. He got his hair just before he turned 16, and boys used to jerk him off in the shower too, so he knew what it felt like. I felt a lot better after that, and I kept going over to his place after school.
He showed me a lot of things that only an uncut boy could know - how to tie a piece of string around the end of the foreskin to keep if from pulling back, how to pull the skin back real slowly all the way to the base of the cock and to lubricate with soap and slowly twist my hand over the head, and how good it felt to suck on and put your tongue under the skin.
I was almost 16 and I remember the day he found my first cock hair - it was just above my cock, on the right side, and we were so excited. He looked my balls over very carefully and found a couple more underneath them. Even my lower legs had a little down on them. It was an incredible feeling to have someone congratulate me for starting to become a man! It didn't take long for the hair to grow in then. My voice changed too, and I grew about 9" in height that year, until I was bigger than Peter, although in our wrestling matches he could still beat me. We used to wrestle in his garage almost every day, without clothes on. I always got a boner, and he sometimes did and when we were tired out we would lay in each others arms for a while, and when we caught our breath we would slowly jerk each other off. He went off to college that fall, and I was real lonely for a long time. But I was in the shower one day at school when I came across a group of boys holding another kid down and jerking him off. I put a stop to it right away, and the kid, who wasn't more than 14, and hairless and uncut, was so glad he held on to me and started crying. I held him real tight for a while, and suddenly I felt a spurt of hot liquid shoot against my leg...

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