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GAY STORIES: All Boys Camp

GAY STORIES: All Boys Camp
My first experience with sex of any sort happened when I was about 15. Oh to be fair, I had been jacking off for a couple of years downstairs in our basement when I was certain there was nobody around and in the shower, but although it gave me the most exciting sensations, I was always overcome with guilt and confusion about what I had just done. At 15 I was sent to a summer camp in Massachusetts. We were two boys to a tent and there was always talk about sex, but until that one day, I didn't know it was actually going to happen to me.
Every afternoon we were supposed to rest after lunch and I found this a particularly good time to jack off in the latrine. There was never anyone around ... never until this one day when Jimmy from the tent next to mine wandered in and caught me stroking away like crazy. I was so embarrassed, but what could I do? He wasn't quite 14 and hadn't ever ejaculated himself yet, but he knew exactly what I was doing. He said if I did as he wished he wouldn't tell anyone it. I agreed. I think at that point I was so humiliated that I would have agreed to anything. He told me to come back to his tent immediately, which I did, and lay down on his bed. He and his young tent mate, Bob, were preoccupied with sex, even though neither had ever ejaculated yet. Jimmy said they'd never seen a cock spray cum and asked if I'd ever shot any. Not thinking, I said of course. Well that was all they needed to hear. Jimmy reminded me of our bargain and said that they were going to make me cum and that I should just lay there and do nothing. I'd never had anyone touch me down there before and at first I felt only embarrassment. I had on only a pair of skimpy Speedo bathers on, the kind that shows off what you've got real well.
Before I knew it, both Jimmy and Bobs hands were all over my cock and balls through the bathers. My cock was by now stiffening up and growing so that the tip was peeking out over the top of the Speedos. Bob pulled them down to my knees and they both gazed with excitement over my state. Jimmy spit in his hand, grasped my swollen cock and began the most heavenly stroking action as Bob started to lick at my balls. By now, I had lost all sense of shame ... hell, it felt just too damn good. "Do you shoot much?", asked Jimmy. "Just depends upon how long it's been since the last time" I said.
"Well how long has it been?", he asked. "Long enough for you to stand back when I say, I'm cumm'in," I replied. Evidently to date the two of them had gained all their knowledge about sex from watching porno movies. They were good students too, 'cause what they were doing to me was bringing me awfully close to exploding. Suddenly, I felt all the cum boiling up in my balls, which where still being beautifully licked and sucked on by Bob. Jimmy sensing that the end was near, sped up his pumping of my cock. My head was spinning. My breath was getting short. Suddenly Bob stuck a wet finger up my ass. As it hit my prostate, that was all it took. "Here I ..." was all I was able to get from my lips before continuous molten jets of creamy white cum jumped from the tip of my cock high into the air, landing on both boys and myself, as well as Jimmy's bed. Their eyes glared widely in fascination. So this is what it looked like. Jimmy couldn't get over how warm it was and how much there was too, while Bob was more fascinated with the musty smell and salty taste. "Well", I said, "I hope you will live up to your end of the bargain, as I have lived up to mine."
They both agreed and I slipped my Speedos back on headed back to my tent, leaving them to clean up the bed. As I entered my own tent I couldn't help but notice that my roommate, Jack, was laying on his bed completely nude, stroking his huge dick and having the biggest grin on his face. When I asked what he was grinning at, he told me that he heard something going on next door, so he peeked in. "You seemed to be enjoying yourself", he said. I tried to explain the circumstances, but I don't think he believed me. He said he was so turned on by what he saw that I'd have to help him relieve his hardon. Now normally I would have just walked out of the tent, but I couldn't take a chance that jack would tell everyone what he saw. "Alright, but just this once. Just tell me what you'd like me to do," I said. I kneeled down next to him as he lay there, wrapped my hand around his bright red cock and started to stroke. But this didn't satisfy him. He grabbed my head with both his hands and pulled it down so that my mouth was just above his man meat. My protests landed on deaf ears. Before I knew it his cock was pushed up into my mouth, fucking it. To my surprise it felt so warm and comforting and tasted good too. I began to suck it as if it were an ice cream.
I was shocked at how much of this monster dick I was able to fit in my mouth. One of my hands found its way to the base of his cock and began to pump up and down. My other hand fondled his more than generous ball sack. I knew that I couldn't remove my head from his cock even if I wanted to as his hands held my head tight, so I just kept on sucking. Suddenly the monster dick began to swell in my mouth. The balls contracted in the sack up against his body. His pumping became frenzied and I knew I was in for a mouthful. Jack's back arched up off the bed. His eyes shut tight as he let out a deep gutteral moan. I felt wave after wave of thick hot cum fill my mouth ... and keep on cumming .... I knew I'd have to swallow in order to breath again, so I did. It was thick like yogurt, but surprisingly sweet and thankfully, I did not gag. As soon as he could catch his breath Jack sat up and kissed me on the lips, licking some of his own cum off. As he held me tight, his hand slipped down feeling that my own cock had hardened by now. In way of saying thanks, Jack sucked me off before we were finished. Since then, Jack and I had almost daily sessions of sucking each other and then experimented with fucking each other too. Our relationship lasted until the end of the camp season and I never saw nor heard from him again. I never forgot that day. The day that started off everything. It was a day when I learned what being gay was all about... and I loved it.

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